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Protesters want Buhari to resume office or resign or be impeached

Protesters want Buhari to resume office or resign or be impeached

Protesters ignore the Monday morning downpour in Abuja to stage a protest march to the gateway of the Presidential Villa asking that President Muhammadu Buhari either resume office or resign.

The protesters carried placards with inscriptions: “Our mumu don do” “Buhari called for impeachment when Yar’ Adua was sick, now we are calling for the same” “Buhari !Where are you? We are tired of being enslaved in our country” “Our ignorance must come to an end”.

They asked Buhari to resign instead of holding the country to ransom and demanded the following:

“The President either personally or through his aides make the true detail of his health known to all Nigerians.

“The President should address all Nigerians in a language we can all understand on the true state of his health and other national issues.

 “Buhari should return to the country and resume work as President of Federal Republic of Nigeria in order to lead us out economic and security quagmire we have been pushed into as a nation.

“If President Buhari fails, refuses and or neglect to do any of the above, then he should  resign from office.

“If he fails to honourably resign, then he should be impeached from office by the National Assembly”.

Though the protest was peaceful, a detachment of anti-riot policemen was stationed close to the gate of the Presidential Villa to forestall any breakdown of law and order.

Buhari has been in London where he is receiving medical attention since May 7.





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