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IPoB harvesting videos to hoodwink international community - Minister

IPoB harvesting videos to hoodwink international community - Minister

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has  cautioned against the next line of action of the Indigenous People of Biafra(IPoB)which was to externalise their lies and propaganda to seek protection.

He said that IPoB has started writing to the governments and the national parliaments of some Western nations to give the impression that they were victims of an ethno-sectarian violence orchestrated by the government.

“This is a blatant lie. It is not in the agenda of this administration to suppress its citizens for whatever reasons.

“Not even the excesses of some people on the social media have forced the government to do anything that will stifle press freedom or freedom of expression,” he said.

The Minister said the group has started harvesting gory videos from distant past and other lands to hoodwink the public and international community into believing that its members were the victims of state-sponsored violence.

“Such videos, which have very high emotive quotient, are circulating on the social media.

“We call on all to subject all such videos to the greatest scrutiny so as not to be misled.

“In particular, we urge the international community not to jump to any conclusion on the basis of such videos,” he said. .

Mohammed appealed to the media to show restraint in its reporting of the IPoB issues.

He noted that since the military deployed “Operation Python Dance II” to the South East, it has been sensationalised by a section of the media.

“The divisive and jaundiced opinions of some anarchists have been given a big play by a section of the media. This is wrong.

“The Nigerian media cannot afford to sit on the fence or engage in irresponsible journalism when the issue at stake is the very survival of our nation.

“This is because no professional, including journalists, can operate when a nation descends into anarchy,” he said.

The Minister urged Nigerians to remain vigilant, resolute and say no to the incendiary and divisive tendencies of IPoB and its cohorts.


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