Mon, Sep 25, 2023

APC Governors want 'true federalism and proper restructuring of Nigeria'

APC Governors want 'true federalism and proper restructuring of Nigeria'

Governors of All Progressives Congress, APC controlled states, are backing restructuring and true federalism as a way out of the agitation for Nigeria’s break-up.

The Progressives Governors Forum also said that the recent agitation by some ethnic groups was a reflection of the prevalent weak governance, economy and law enforcement.

In an eight-page document containing the governors’ position on the challenges to Nigeria’s unity, entitled “There has to be a nation first”, they said that the demands for political restructuring and true federalism could be met by adjusting the federal system.

Such an adjustment, said the governors, will not on its own address the root and branch of the country’s challenges, but it is worth pursuing to meet the demands of various groups.

“It appears that demands framed by different groups in terms of political restructuring or true federalism can be met through adjustment in Nigeria’s federal system.

“Although such adjustment will not on its own address the root and branch of Nigeria’s challenges, it is worth pursuing in order to meet the demands of various Nigerian groups.

“The focus of this restructuring is to restore the principle of non centralisation of power in the country’s federal arrangement being the defining element of a federal polity.

“Alongside the imperative of political and fiscal decentralisation, contiguous states can pool resources to address common development challenges and embark on projects that can have maximum effect and efficiency through endevours.

“Where possible, and agreed upon, a regional approach to development issues that take cognisance of existing comparative advantages within the existing regions as the initiatives in the South-West has demonstrated.

“Alongside addressing the issues of structures in the Nigerian federalism and the mode of allocation of resources among the constituent elements, there is the need to address deficit in governance and politics accountability.

The APC governors condemned the ultimatum to Igbo to leave the North, saying “the Progressives Governors Forum has watched with consternation and grief, the reckless and bellicose utterances of groups, organisations and individuals fanning the ember of ethnic and regional hate and openly seeking the dismemberment of Nigeria.



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