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I did not ask the Pay Master to bring money to my house, says sacked Ondo Speaker

I did not ask the Pay Master to bring money to my house, says sacked Ondo Speaker

Less than one week after she was sacked as the Speaker of  Ondo State House of Assembly, Jumoke Akindele  on Tuesday said she did not misappropriate N15m  as alleged by some of her colleagues.

Akindele said in  a statement  in Akure that  although she was a signatory to the House schedule,  she was not  a signatory to the cheques.

“I wish to place it on record that though I am the signatory to the schedule, I am not a signatory to the cheques of the House.

“I did sign the schedule in line with the budget passed by the House so that I do not hold up the business of the House in the likely event that I do not return from my journey early enough.

“Most certainly, I did not speak with the Director of Finance and Administration on the issue of cheques or any other matter at all, and I also did not speak with the Clerk.

“I did not ask the Pay Master, Makanjuola Adeshina, who was unfortunately brutalised by some of my colleagues  to bring any funds to my House,” she said.

She said she was in Lagos on Friday  and received a call that  some  13 members  allegedly  removed the leadership of the House  “on the puerile and baseless claim of fraud or financial impropriety.’’

Akindele explained further that the Pay Master was the lawful custodian of all unspent funds of the House and he was only acting in his official capacity as such.

The sacked speaker further  said  the money  in question was  meant for some projects in the House as passed in the budget and approved by the proper authority.

She alleged that some PDP  caucus members seemed more interested in proving their loyalty to the incoming administration in  the state.

“They are actively working hand in hand with their APC counterparts to destabilise what would have been one of the most peaceful transitions ever.

“They are desirous of becoming Speaker and Deputy Speaker at all cost and are therefore playing to the gallery to show they are “disenchanted” with the outgoing governor,” she stated.

Akindele further stated that she was not desperate and was actually set to resign since the emergence of the governor from the North District and the Deputy Governor from the South District.

“We are a people with an age long tradition that demands that the Speaker must, of necessity, emerge from the Central District of Ondo state.

“I sustained this position because I owe it to Nigerians worried of the dangerous precedent that may be created if fraud, forgery and forceful takeover of this nature is allowed to prevail.

“It is disheartening that some of my honourable colleagues forged the signatures of five members to make up their list.

“The members whose signatures were forged have strenuously asserted that their signatures were forged and have stood with the leadership of the House since the beginning,” she said.

Akindele said change was inevitable and may even be desirable, adding that  the House leaders could not be removed by  no fewer  than 18 members in accordance with the law

She expressed her sympathy with the  workers, promising that all justifiable grievances would be addressed while taking the blame for the crisis and pleading for forgiveness.

“I remain loyal to my party, the PDP, and I consider it a solemn duty to work with any government, outgoing or incoming, regardless of the political party that births it as long as it works for the interest of the people.

“To my colleagues, let me state that the most difficult job is to lead one’s peers who are as entitled to one’s position as oneself

“I, therefore, call that we come together and ensure that we do the desirable as guided by the dictates of our oath  of office,” she said.


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