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If it's Ndume today and it’s okay, it may be Ekweremadu tomorrow, says ousted Senate leader

If it's Ndume today and it’s okay, it may be Ekweremadu tomorrow, says ousted Senate leader

Though Ali Ndume may have accepted his fate following his removal as Majority Leader of the Senate, he however appears to still have his ego bruised. Sounding highly disappointed on Wednesday, Ndume decried the way in which he was removed as leader saying it could be anybody next.

Relying on a point of order at plenary on Wednesday, Ndume in a thank you message said that his removal while he went to pray had given him grave concerns.

Without mincing words, Ndume said that just as he was removed as Leader without being given a chance or confronted with any allegation, anybody including the Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu could be next.

“You are one of those that even warn me here to stop saying that I will resign, but yesterday I was not around change of leadership was announced.

“In fact if the number of those that lost confidence in me is not up to this number and I am made to know I will resign because I did not become a senate leader in other to lose confidence of any of you.

“If today, just like that without telling somebody and he goes out, If it is Ndume today and it’s ok it may be God forbid Ekweremadu tomorrow,” he said.

“When I was nominated as the Senate leader I said one thing at that time and I want to repeat today that as a Senator I am not better than anybody here and I also want to believe that all of us are equal in this senate.

“So, what I am saying is that anytime our colleagues erred in one way or the other we should be given the chance to say look this is what we did and therefore we have lost confidence in you"

Ekweremadu who presided over plenary thanked Ndume for his service as leader.

“You were a member of the House of Representatives leadership at some point, you came to the senate and also held very important committee assignments and then rose to become the senate leader.

“Those are services  we cannot wish away, so we would like to congratulate you for the manner you have accepted the position of things and I will like to assure you that we would all continue to work harmoniously in the best interest of our country."

Ekweremadu also  thanked Ndume for the position he had taken on the matter.



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