Tue, Oct 03, 2023

Let us all accept Modu-Sheriff for now as our chairman, says former Niger governor

Let us all accept Modu-Sheriff for now as our chairman, says former Niger governor

Former Governor of Niger state, Babangida Aliyu, has called for support for the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Ali Modu-Sherff.

An Appeal Court in Port Harcourt had last Friday declared Modu-Sheriff as the chairman of the PDP.

The former Niger state governor who accompanied Modu-Sheriff on a visit to former Military President, Ibrahim Babangida in Minna on Sunday told reporters on a sideline that all members of the party should give peace a chance and unite behind the PDP chairman.

“Now that we have a legal decision supporting the position, we are okay. Though some people are talking of taking the matter the Supreme Court others are saying no.

“We should start widening the solution so that we don’t waste time in terms of legality.

“That is why for the moment, Ali Modu-Sheriff is the chairman of the party until anybody is able to go higher to set aside this decision of the court. Those of us who love to see solution to this party will continue to find solution. I think we should all bury our ambitions, you can't have an ambition without a platform.

“We need to have a platform first of all and we are in the opposition, and we need time to organise and reorganise and go back to the people with plausible real solution to their problems.

“If we don’t get these solutions, then what do we have?
“I appeal to all PDP lovers and members to look at the issues objectively, we need to have a platform that we can call a party which can win elections and not a fragmented party.’’


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