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Date: 22, Sep, 2023

May the fortune of Nigeria never sink like that of the PDP, says Obasanjo

May the fortune of Nigeria never sink like that of the PDP, says Obasanjo

Stopping short at saying the party is dead, former President, Olusegun Obasanjo at 80, on Friday prayed that Nigeria will not sink like the troubled opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP

The former two time President of Nigeria and chieftain of the former ruling party, declared that the PDP has sunk.

Obasanjo hit at PDP at the display of 40 African traditional drums in commemoration of his 80th anniversary organised by the Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL).

PDP which once controlled 30 out of the 36 states, he said, was now a shadow of itself as a result of protracted internal crisis .

The occasion witnessed an International Symposium on “Purpose and Utilitarian Values of Presidential Libraries” .

Obasanjo’s tirades were in respond to the remarks of a former national chairman of PDP , Ahmadu Ali who is a strong allay of the former president.

“When all was going well, when I brought Ahmadu Ali as the national chairman of the party, we controlled 30 States out of the 36 states but when Ahmadu and I left, the fortune of the PDP sunk.

“Ali is a man of truth, hardworking but cantankerous.’’

Obasanjo alluded that may the situation which affects the party never happened to the Nigerian nation.

“May the fortune of Nigeria never sink like that of the PDP,” the audience responded with a thunderous “amen”.

Earlier, at an International Symposium, Obasanjo disclosed that the Presidential Library was another opportunity for him to correct his past mistakes in keeping important materials as Military Head of State.

“Somebody among the University Dons said God has always given me the opportunity to correct my wrongs not in all cases but in most cases and this Presidential Library is actually an act of God which He has given to me to correct one of my mistakes of the past and I have said this very often.’’


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