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Osinbajo to churches: Talk more about honesty, stop honouring thieves

Osinbajo to churches: Talk more about honesty, stop honouring thieves

The Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo has urged religious leaders in the country to partner the federal government in the ongoing fight against corruption.

Osinbajo made the call during Father’s Day service at Aso Villa Chapel on Sunday, and urged Nigerians to always ignore the looters of the nation’s treasury, who paraded themselves in places of worship.

He called on the church to desist from honouring persons who had fraudulently amassed wealth, adding that fathers in the country should be exemplary leaders that build generation of righteous people.

“I want to say that all of our leaders, the Christian leaders, the PFN and CAN, that it is the role of the church to build this nation.

“The church has that role because God has said concerning us that we are the light of the world and we are the salt of the earth.

“That role is a very difficult role. We are not to teach the world how to be like the world but to teach the world how to be like our saviour, Jesus Christ.

“Every time we come to the church, we are told about giving, but we need to talk more about honesty.

“Just now, His Eminence said Nigeria’s great problem is not an absence of prosperity but that we have enough for our needs but we don’t have enough for our greed.

“The greed of many is what has landed this country to where it is today. Many in position of authority, it is their greed that has landed us to where we are.

Many who say the reason why they are stealing is because they need to have an arsenal for future political experiment, it is a lie! It is greed,’’ he said.

The Acting President also charged the religious leaders to always find out the source of income of any of their members engaged in questionable lifestyle.

“If the church says you are not allowed to steal and we will ostracise the thieves in our midst.

“If you find that a man has more money than he should have, if a man is earning a salary in civil service or public service and he has houses everywhere, we have to hold him to account.

“He must first be held to account in the church. He must first be told in the church, we will not allow this.’’

He said that if the church ostracised thieves, “and say we will not accept thieves here or we will ensure that we expose them”, Nigeria would not have the sort of problems it currently had.


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