Mon, Oct 02, 2023

Politicians of bread and butter

Politicians of bread and butter

Any keen watcher of Nigerian politics knows that mass exodus will follow. This is because most politicians today are ‘bread and butter’ ones or, if you like, ‘stomach infrastructure’ people.

It is not justified because a political leader must stand for something. So, when he jettisons his party, he renounces all that he has stood for over the years.

For example, the Imo state governor and his party do not believe in rotation of power among the three senatorial zones. When you join his party from PDP (the Peoples Democratic Party), you must renounce all ideas about rotation.

It does not portend good will for our democracy, because such politicians will cut of their noses to spite their faces. Such politicians are lily-livered, men of straw and like a rolling stone, will gather no moss.

The late Obafemi Awolowo, Bola Tinubu, etc never abandoned their parties for not winning elections. Some people, eventually win an election, jumping up and down, but check their utterances… unmitigated rubbish!

There is no fear of one party. The way the opposition repacked itself is the method the PDP will use to re-invent itself.

At the moment, the APC (All Progressives Congress) is the destination of all sojourners, but many will return when they notice that other people have taken what they want.

Source: Goddy Uwazurike, Lagos-based lawyer


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