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Remove Buhari first, Ekiti House of Assembly tells anti-Fayose activists

Remove Buhari first, Ekiti House of Assembly tells anti-Fayose activists

Against the backdrop of calls in some quarters for the removal of Ekiti governor, Ayodele Fayose, the State House of Assembly has lashed out those calling for what they described as his ‘illegal removal’ saying: “they should first send President Mohammadu Buhari packing before embarking on a futile journey and joke of the century by jesters who are also ignorant of the provisions of the constitution of Nigeria”.

The lawmakers were reacting to a statement credited to a group, the Coalition for Good Governance and Anti-Corruption, which said in Abuja on Tuesday that Fayose be removed from office. “The EKHA as a matter of fact wouldn’t have dignified this faceless group with any response, who out of joblessness and mediocrity are busy chasing shadows; but for their attempt at misleading the public hence our reaction.

“Those calling for the removal of Governor Ayodele Fayose are nothing but political jesters and theatre art practitioners masquerading as activists.

“Unfortunately, they are speaking from Abuja and not from Ekiti, thus they have no jurisdiction to cry more than the bereaved in the first instance about government and governance in Ekiti State.

“The EKHA would have ignored these marauders, but they need to be aware of the following facts. The Office of the Governor of Ekiti State is established in Part 2, Section 176 (1) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended for a period of 4 years herein called the term of office and Section 180 (1) listed all conditions that can make an occupant to cease to hold the office as a governor.

“Also, Section 189(1) of the same constitution listed the extraneous conditions of removing the governor of a state through the House of Assembly. Nowhere was it stated that some drunkards can gather after a binge night out and ask for the removal of a sitting and performing governor with executive powers as conferred by Section 176 (2) of the constitution”.



















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