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Tell the world how Alkali was killed, Wike dares police

Tell the world how Alkali was killed, Wike dares police

Amidst the setting up of two seperate panels by the Rivers government and the Nigeria Police to probe the killings and violence that characterised the December 10, 2016 legislative re-run in the state, Governor Nyesom Wike has challenged the police to inform the world how and where DSP Mohammed Alkali was murdered during the elections.

The governor also wondered why the police have refused to make public alleged communication between an opposition party chieftain and the killers before Alkali was brutally murdered.

Wike, who spoke Thursday when he granted audience to the management of a private newspaper company, said: “The Police should let the world know where the DSP was killed. In which polling unit was he killed? The former Commissioner of Power who was mentioned by the killers, has he been questioned? Where is the call log between the former commissioner and the killers? Have they checked the discussions between the commissioner and the arrested killers? They know the truth, but they want to cover a lot of things. The Army announced that they recovered the uniforms from the forest, was there a polling unit in the forest?”

He said that the steps being taken to blackmail the state government would fail because the Rivers people could not be cowed. He appealed to journalists to always defend the truth and speak out regularly.

“The survival of democracy, to a large extent, depends on a vibrant media. Certain things happening in the country must be made public by the media.“



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