Mon, Sep 25, 2023

We'll arrest those behind Igbo quit notice no matter how long, vows el-Rufai

We'll arrest those behind Igbo quit notice no matter how long, vows el-Rufai

Kaduna Governor, Nasir el-Ruai has vowed that no matter how long it takes, the state government will arrest and prosecute leaders of the Coalition of Northern youths that gave Igbo three months notice to quit the North.

Addressing a gathering of Igbo Northern traditional rulers who paid him a courtesy visit in Kaduna, governor El Rufai said Kaduna state has no room for hate speech and would ensure that those who perpetrate such are brought to book . According to the governor, Kaduna state government has a duty to ensure that those who fan embers of disunity in the State in the State are made accountable for their actions.

“Nobody can come to Kaduna state and say this nonsense. It is hate speech that kills. We are trying people for that. We have a duty to arrest them and put them before a judge.

“We will tell them that they cannot do that in Kaduna. We will go after them. They have gone underground. There may be reluctance on the part of some people to arrest them but we will arrest them” he said.

Governor el-Rufai said though some people in the South East especially members of the Indigenous people of Biafra may have said some provocative things, “Two wrongs do not make a right.”

The governor admitted that though the federation may have some challenges, breaking up was not an option.

“Breaking up into small enclaves is not a solution. It is short sighted and only illiterates behave like that. We all need Nigeria. It is from Nigeria that we can be better.

“Our federation is not a true federation but the solution is not to break into small enclaves” he said.

He called on Igbo leaders to rein in their youths, promising that the Kaduna state government was taking steps to ensure that every Nigerian living in the state was safe and secure.

“We will do whatever we will do to protect everybody in Kaduna state. We are watching everybody. Every Nigerian in Kaduna state is safe. We will do whatever we can to protect you. Relax, continue your normal lives. Nothing will happen” he said.




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