Mon, Oct 02, 2023

When i visit Buhari the assumption is that something is going wrong - Dogara

When i visit Buhari the assumption is that something is going wrong - Dogara

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara said it is not only when there is trouble in the land that he holds consultation with President Muhammadu Buhari.

Dogara who spoke with State House correspondents on the outcome of his meeting with the President, dismissed the assertion that he was in the Presidential Villa over crisis between the Executive and the Legislature.

“It baffles me when people see you visit Mr President, the assumption out there is that something is going wrong. Nothing is wrong, it is just a routine consultation.

“You might look at it as crisis but I don’t look at it as crisis. You know I have always said this that as a government our value will be the problems we have solved.

“We can’t be remembered for avoiding or running away from problems. It is only when‎ we provide solution to some of the things you refer to as crises and we look at them as opportunities to begin anew that people will now remember us for putting down enduring legacies.”

On the proposed protest against the recent activities at the National Assembly, Dogara said Nigerians were free to express their views peacefully.

“This is a democracy we are running and we have to open the space to civil society, to everyone who feels aggrieved to be able to air his grievances.

“So, if they have grievances against the institution of the legislature we will take it.’’


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