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Will Buhari wave the Presidency goodbye on Monday?

Will Buhari wave the Presidency goodbye on Monday?

Amidst excitement and jubilation over the return of President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday from London after a successful medical treatment, there concerns by some Nigerians over the President’s health status.

Though with his actual ailment still wrapped in secrecy, majority of Nigerians who spoke with, are of the opinion that Buhari should listen to wise counsel and bow out of office as President to take good care of his health.

A critical look at his picture on arrival from London on Saturday according to these Nigerians, indicates all may not be fully well with the President in spite of his assertion that “i am okay.”

“From what i saw on television, the look on Buhari’s face is worrying and leaves much to be desired,” said Pius Samuel, one of the people who spoke to us in Lagos.

A very excited Buhari had confessed to his media team led by Information and Culture Minister, Lai Mohammed who last week visited him in London that there is a tremendous improvement in his health and indeed, wishes to return home, "but I've learnt to obey my doctor's orders, rather than be the one issuing the orders. Here, the doctor is absolutely in charge."

Earlier on Saturday, the Presidency had in a brief statement by Femi Adesina, announced that the President will be returning home later in the day and would on Monday address the nation in a broadcast at 7a.m.

Adesina also told journalists as Nigerians await the arrival of the President at the airport on Saturday that “we’ll know the way forward after the President’s broadcast on Monday morning.”

Could that way forward mean a shock resignation from office by President Buhari?

Nigerians are watching and eagerly waiting for the Presidential address.  


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