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APDA is ideologically roofed and belongs to all, says Nwanyanwu

 APDA is ideologically roofed and belongs to all, says Nwanyanwu

Former National Chairman of Labour Party, Dan Nwanyanwu, said Nigeria needed politicians with good character and integrity to address its economic and political challenges.

He stated this at the unveiling of Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance, APDA, a new political association, and its Interim National Executive Committee (NEC) to the public in Abuja on Monday.

Nwanyanwu, who announced his membership of the group, congratulated the interim leadership and described the “birth’’ of the group as historic.

He said that none of the party`s promoters was new to the country`s politics, and that though they came from different political backgrounds, they were bounded by a common ideology.

According to Nwanyanwu, the party`s promoters were identified by their character and integrity and were poised to address the country`s economic and political challenges.

“The party i am unveiling today on behalf of us is ideologically roofed.

“It seeks to address all the fundamental issues that will keep Nigerians united, with every citizen having a sense of equality, justice, protection, belonging and fair play.

“We are determined to present to Nigerians a political party that will be highly disciplined, provide the level-playing field to all its members and remove every trace of godfatherism,’’ he said.

He said that ADPA would restore dignity and party supremacy in the affairs of its members and for their benefit.

The former Labour Party chairman said that the party was a convergence of patriotic citizens who were committed to the indivisibility and corporate existence of Nigeria.

He also said that the party`s members were also determined to enrich true federalism, social inclusion, national cohesion and public trust in governance.

“APDA stands for social democracy with efficient and sustainable public sector services delivered as its primary focus,’’ he said.

He said that the party would give room to new ideas, alignments, energy and approaches to the country`s economic and political challenges.

He alleged that many of the established political parties in the country were recycling old leaders, repeating old rhetoric and reabsorbing the same old and moribund way of doing things.

Nwanyanwu said that the interest of such political parties was in gaining political power and accessing the national treasury.

He refuted insinuations that the Chief Executive of African Independent Television (AIT) was the party`s major financier, saying that it belonged to all.

“We are all calling the shot here, this party belongs to you, it belongs to me and it belongs to all of us,’’ he said.

The politician said that the group was the first to introduce bio-metric membership card and electronic voting for all elective positions, a development, he added, would make rigging and imposition of candidates impossible.

He assured that the association, when registered, would give priority to women, youths and the disabled with regards to employment and called on them to step forward and take over its structures.

“The party is yours, the future is yours and that future is today, not tomorrow. This has been guaranteed by our constitution,’’ he said.

The party`s flag was presented to its 36 states, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and zonal interim chairmen.

The interim National Chairman of the association, Shittu Kabiru, expressed optimism that the group would move Nigeria out of “ the prevailing political frustration and economic stagnation“.



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