Tinubu honours Qatar's Invitation 'for Business sake'

Tinubu honours Qatar's Invitation 'for Business sake'

President Bola Tinubu would on Thursday, depart for Qatar on the invitation of Sheikh Tamin Al-Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar.

Ajuri Ngelale, Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, disclosed this in a Statement on Wednesday in Abuja.

He said Tinubu would depart Lagos for the two-day official visit to further strengthen cooperation between the two Nations in several Areas, including Security, Cultural Exchange, and Economic Development.

During the visit, the President is expected to witness the signing of Agreements focused on boosting Nigeria’s Real Sector and creating value-added Investments.

Ngelale said the Agreements would be in the Areas of Trade, Education, Culture, Solid Minerals, Digital Economy, Agriculture, Oil and Gas, as well as fostering cooperation on Counter-Terrorism.

He added that Tinubu would also participate in a Business and Investment Forum with Top-Level Executives in the Private and Public Sectors of Nigeria and Qatar, to advance Cross-Sectoral Opportunities.

The Presidential Aide said that Tinubu would be accompanied on the trip by Senior Government Officials for the signing of Agreements.


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Minister woos Qatari Businessmen, says Nigeria has huge Reserves of Lithium

Minister woos Qatari Businessmen, says Nigeria has huge Reserves of Lithium

The Minister of Solid Minerals Development, Dele Alake, says Nigeria has comprehensive Data on its Lithium Reserves, available at the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency for investors to peruse.

The Minister made  the disclosure in Doha, Qatar on Saturday,  at a Meeting with Qatari Businessmen on the sidelines of the visit of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to the Arab Country.

In a Statement by his  Special Adviser, Kehinde Bamigbetan, Alake said that  Mineral Exploration initiated by the Federal Government,  identified Locations with  Lithium Deposits  in Commercial Quantities in high grades.

He said the Information was available to help Businessmen in Qatar,  interested in establishing Lithium Companies in Nigeria.

The Minister was responding to enquires on the quality of Nigerian Lithium by Qatari Business Mogul, Sheikh Shahid Jawad at the Meeting which held at the prestigious Sheraton, Doha .

Stressing the quality of Lithium in Nigeria, he recalled a Visit to Australia where Samples of Rock Composites from Nigeria, after Laboratory Analysis, confirmed presence of  high grade Lithium Content.

“It shows that the quality of Nigerian Lithium has been recognised by the Global Mining Sector,“ he said.

Alake said the Nigerian Government had put in place generous, Investor- friendly Policies to facilitate Businesses.

Also speaking at the Event, the Executive Secretary of Solid Minerals Development Fund, Fatimah Shinkafi urged Investors to explore Opportunities in Mining Infrastructure .

Giving the example of Vale, a Mining Company in Brazil that invested in Trains to ease transportation of Minerals from the Mines to the Processing Towns, Shinkafi said Government would continue to provide Transportation Facilities to the Mines.

“While Government provides transport to the Mines, Mining Companies that recognise the significance of Transportation to their future Cost Control will invest wisely by supplementing Government’s efforts.”

The Vice- chairman of the Qatar- Nigerian Chamber of Business, Muhammed Santuraki said the Chamber was formed in 2017 to build Business Relations between both Countries.

Recalling a recent Visit to a Gold Mine in Nasarawa,  Santuraki observed the existence of good Roads for the haulage of Minerals to the Ports.

Other Businessmen at the Top-Level Meeting were Sheikh El Jouneid, Chief Executive Officer, ETCC Qatar and Aminu Dahiru, Chairman, Asdub Oil and Gas.

Five States comprising Nassarawa, Kogi, Kwara, Ekiti and Cross River are currently mining Lithium with more States such as Bauchi, that has  reported discovering Deposits.

The Minister is part of the Delegation that accompanied President Tinubu on the Visit to Doha, Qatar to strengthen Cooperation between the two Nations on several Sectors, including Economic Development.



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Do not offer bribe to our People, Tinubu warns Qatari Businessmen

Do not offer bribe to our People, Tinubu warns Qatari Businessmen
04-Mar-2024 / 196

President Bola Tinubu has assured Global Investors that his Administration would remove all obstacles hindering Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria.

The President gave the assurance at the Nigeria-Qatar Business and Investment Forum held in Doha on Sunday.

He urged genuine Investors to report to him directly, any Official who obstructed progress or asked for bribe in the course of any dealings in Nigeria.

The President said that Nigeria was ready for serious Business as his Administration would deal with entrenched interests that had been undermining Investors’ confidence in the Country’s Economy.

Tinubu pledged to remove all bottlenecks standing in the way of profitable and legitimate Enterprise.

“I am here to give you the assurance that Reforms are going on; forget about whatever you heard in the past.

“Whatever is the obstacle or problem that some of you might have experienced, it is in the past, because there is no obstacle in the future.

“Do not offer a bribe to any of our People, and if it is requested or taken from you, report to us. You will have access to me.

“Nigeria will no longer be defined by the past, but by what we do now and moving forward. Do not let perceptions become a hindrance to your will to invest.

“Nigeria is serious about revolutionising Investment Promotion. We are removing obstacles today and we are going to continue to remove all obstacles.

“We have done so much within nine months. And I am assuring you, it is free entry, and free exit. Your funds will flow smoothly into and out of our Country,’’ Tinubu further assured.

He noted that the war against Corruption and Insecurity in Nigeria had been strengthened with the appointment of the former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Nuhu Ribadu, as National Security Adviser.

“My responsibility is to tell you that Nigeria is open for Business, and to assure you that your Investments are safe in our hands.

“We have men and women of great reputation here. And we believe we can forge a good Committee that will advance our discussions to fruitful conclusions.

“A Nation is an Artificial Entity unless there are good People to drive it. People build great Nations and we have great People. We are ready,’’ President Tinubu stressed.

He observed that Nigeria possesses vast Opportunities in various Fields.

“We have Oil and Gas; we have Solid Minerals. I do not see why we cannot become prolific Partners in exploring Iron Ore, as well as Steel Production, and Energy across the board.

“I am here to give you assurances in all spheres: Tourism, Hospitality, Healthcare, and in many other Opportunities that abound around us.

“Do not be the Investors who miss out on the golden opportunity we present,’’ the President admonished.

In his remarks, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Thani, the Qatari Minister of Commerce and Industry, said Qatar looked forward to exploring Opportunities in Nigeria, owing to its large Market.

He said Qatar was prioritising new Investments in Low Carbon Initiatives, Mineral Products, Petroleum Chemicals, Industry, and Consumables.

“We look forward to working with our Nigerian Counterparts to achieve our joint objectives in these Sectors,’’ the Minister said.

Tinubu was accompanied to the Event by Governors, Ministers, Ribadu and by Members of the Nigerian Business Community.



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You'll make more money in Nigeria than anywhere, Tinubu boasts in Qatar

You'll make more money in Nigeria than anywhere, Tinubu boasts in Qatar
04-Mar-2024 / 196

President Bola Tinubu on Sunday witnessed the signing of Agreements between Nigeria and Qatar in various Sectors of the Economy.

Ajuri Ngelale, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, in a Statement, said the signing, which held in Doha, Qatar, was also witnessed by the Emir of that country, Sheikh Tamim Al-Thani.

The Agreement, according to Ngelale, will open Opportunities for mutual cooperation in pivotal Sectors of Education, Enterprise Development, Investment Promotion, Youth Empowerment, Mining, Tourism and Sports.

Tinubu assured his Host of Nigeria’s preparedness to welcome Investors into the Country, citing the ongoing Reforms that favoured Innovation, Return on Investments and Multiculturalism.

“Our greatest strength is our People. Our strength lies in the Capacity of Nigerian Youths.

”They have energy, talent and self-belief.
”They are quality Partners for Qatari Industry.

”They are educated and reliable, and they are proactively seeking to add value wherever they are.

”A few cannot give a bad name to the many. Nigerian Youths are ready to be unleashed for the mutual benefit of both Nations.

“We have seen clearly the rapid pace and thorough quality of Qatar’s Development Process. It is impossible not to be moved by what you have accomplished.

”The Leadership in the Country has proven its mettle, and we are here to gain deeper insight.

“There is nowhere in the World where you will find Return on Investment at the level of what you will see in Nigeria. A massive Market of over 200 million Skilled Nigerians, always industrious and ready to work.

“We face some short-term turbulence at the moment, but we have a Government today that reflects the dynamism and talent of the Nigerian People.

”We are implementing the right solutions.

”This Team works collaboratively with each other and our Partners,” the President said.

Al Thani, on his part, said he was open to Nigeria’s Investment push, recalling his journey to Nigeria in 2019 due to his belief that the Country is an important and strategic ally on its own and in Regional Affairs.

“I have no doubt about the great Capacity of the Nigerian People. Everywhere in the World, they are known for their brilliance and hard work.

”We only need to ensure that this is happening inside of Nigeria rather than outside.

”The Investments we have made around the World have been very fruitful.

”This is because we take our time and study Opportunities before we invest the Commonwealth of our People.

“Mr. President, I am very encouraged by your actions and your passion to create new Opportunities.

”We are very open to this, and follow-up is everything at this point. The will is there for both of us, but we must follow up.

”I will send a Team of Officials to Nigeria after Ramadan, and we will advance discussions on what some of the actionable Investment Opportunities are,” the Qatari Leader said.

Tinubu immediately named the Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Finance, Wale Edun as the Team Leader of the Government Team that would interface with Qatari Authorities in Investment Identification and Implementation.

During the Bilateral Deliberations, the President enabled a brief Presentation to the Emir by the Minister of Solid Minerals Development, Dele Alake, who spoke in details about the high-grade of Several Minerals, including Lithium.

Alake spoke about derivable potential across the Country with an emphasis on imminent Opportunities for Local Mineral Processing and Value-Additive Industry in the Sector.

The Bilateral Engagement was followed by a Closed-Door Meeting between the two Heads of State before they proceeded to the Signing Ceremony for seven Bilateral Agreements across multiple Sectors.

The seven Agreements signed include Cooperation Agreement in the field of Education and Regulation of Employment of Workers with the Government of Qatar.

Also signed was the Agreement on Establishment of a Joint Business Council between the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines, and Agriculture.

Agreements were also signed in the Field of Youths and Sports, Tourism and Business Events and a Memorandum of Understanding on combating Illicit Trade in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.



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